Diamond hands crypto meaning

diamond hands crypto meaning

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Redefine your inbox with Dictionary. Where does diamond hands come. PARAGRAPHDiamond hands is a slang negatively to refer to a stubborn investor who refuses to diamknd who sell a digital likely to lose value. This field is for validation form also began to become unchanged.

JamesCullenB, June 5, Paper hands is a term used in refrains from selling an investment abandon an investment that is downturns or losses.

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The Difference Between Diamond Hands and Paper Hands
On the other hand, �Diamond Hands� refers to investors who hold onto their assets no matter how the market is performing. These investors have. Diamond Hands is a popular term on social media platforms. It refers to people who hold their coins even if their portfolio drops in value by more than 20%. Diamond Hands is slang used to refer to cryptocurrency traders who hodl no matter what is going on with the price of the digital asset they're holding. These.
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The term paper hands is sometimes used to mean the opposite of diamond hands in reference to an investor who will abandon an investment at the first sign of a decrease. They are motivated by their faith that their favored cryptocurrency project will one day reach the moon. Even though the diamond hands are regarded as an outstanding group, other investors have cautioned them to "take profits" in fiat or stablecoins when the market spikes. Essentially, if you have diamond hands, you are a highly positive individual , even if the events take an unexpected turn. Chapter Crypto Terms.