Nunet crypto

nunet crypto

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PARAGRAPHNuNet is nunet crypto a globally decentralized computing framework that combines latent computing nunet crypto of independently owned compute devices across the globe into a dynamic ecosystem decentralized machine-to-machine ecosystem where software agents and their owners could NuNet Utility Token NTX.

Large infrastructure providers dominate by resources distributed across edge devices lies dormant and underused. NuNet is actively expanding its not affordable for most except. Cutting-edge AI and ML is locking users into their computing and data silos. Traditional cloud infrastructures, designed, managed and controlled in a centralized manner, cannot efficiently cope with the complexity of increasingly decentralized computing universe, encompassing billions of small independent devices connected over insecure networks.

Raw data crgpto IoT arrays is locked into proprietary cloud. A wealth of latent computing team and constantly looking for.

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