iCourtroom is a system designed for WildlifeDirect to assist in the court monitoring project. Its main aim is to provide a quicker, effective and efficient way of data entry and analysis. Due to the slow and cumbersome method of data collection and entry, this system seeks to save time. Wildlife crime data generated from this platform will be available online and thus making it convenience for any users. In having this systematic and comprehensive system of data entry and analysis, there is a better understanding of the applicability of the law and proper recommendations can be properly deduced.

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WildlifeDirect was founded in 2005 by Dr Richard Leakey to support African efforts to protect wildlife heritage as an important global heritage. Dr Leakey led Kenya’s successful campaign for a worldwide ban on trade in ivory in the 1980s. This ban destroyed demand for ivory, prices collapsed and poaching was largely eliminated. Regrettably, poaching is back at levels that, if not abated, will lead to the extinction of the African elephant.